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Large diameter pipes

LSAW pipes, single seam pipes with inner and outer smooth or anti-corrosion coating which are used for constructing main pipelines. Strength class: up to Х80. Diameter: 508 mm - 2220 mm. Wall thickness: 5.6 mm – 48 mm.

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Oil and gas pipes

LSAW pipes for laying gas, oil, product and water pipelines, heating systems, developing gas and oil fields. Strength class: up to X70. Diameter: 114 mm – 530 mm. Wall thickness: 1.8 mm – 24 mm.

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Water and gas pipes

Water and gas pipes with small diameters from 12.7 to 108 mm (0,5—10,6”) are produced from carbon steel grades S185, S195T, S235JRH, P195TR1, P235TR1 (and other).

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Pipes fully comply with requirements of international standards.

Pipes are produced by high-frequency welding with induction current lead. Pipes are subjected to hydraulic and mechanical tests. Welds undergo non-destructive testing.
STEEL.LT pipe remains committed to providing customers with quality products and professional service.